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The proposed 394 bedrooms student accommodation development is located to the west of Edinburgh city centre at the junction of Westfield Road and Westfield Avenue, on a popular through-way into the city centre.

The building has been designed as three wings of accommodation in a T-shape, with the main common areas located along Westfield Road and Westfield Avenue, creating an activated façade at street level. The main entrance is located on the corner of Westfield Road and Westfield Avenue giving direct access into the main communal areas. The cluster flat kitchen/dining spaces are located at the end of each unit, making use of the gable ends of each wing, with the studio flats located to the quieter rear part of the site on Westfield Avenue.

The typical cluster bedroom has been designed to provide all of the amenities expected within a 12.5sqm bedroom space. These cluster bedrooms are then gathered around a communal kitchen and living space which is shared amongst a small number of residents. Whilst the studio bedrooms are self-contained 20sqm spaces with their own kitchens. A central courtyard has been included as an external social space for the residents with a large lawn providing an attractive outlook for residents on the upper floors whilst providing informal spill out space for students seeking to work or socialise with friends. Inclusion of open and green space improves productivity and mental health, whilst collaboration space encourages social relationships, which is one of the primary functions to human health and wellbeing.

Student accommodation in Edinburgh is big business these days, with developers keen to cash in on an affluent student population looking for comfortable accommodation in convenient locations. With over 35,000 students studying at the University of Edinburgh alone, there’s a huge market to target — the £20.4million development in Gorgie's Westfield Road will create a 394 bed student residence.

David Hepburn

Edinburgh Evening News

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