01 July 20212 min read

'Glocal' investment in renewable energy

Ian Burleigh

Ica have made an investment in Glasgow Community Energy. The first project involved the installation of solar panels on the roofs of two Glasgow schools.

The global benefits are obvious, this project will save 50 tonnes of carbon emissions each year contributing to reduce climate change. But this project is also focused on the local community. The schools benefit from cheaper renewable energy and the pupils participate in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions.

The key aspect of this project is local ownership and control.

Every year thousands of pounds from the income will be directed toward local community projects and improvements, delivering real benefit to the community rather than profits to large power organisations.

This investment was perfect for us as our Glasgow studio is located directly between the two communities, so this is very local for us. Ica design hotels all over the UK and globally, so the opportunity to contribute to a project with global impact is part of our commitment to sustainable development and travel.
Ian Burleigh, Executive Chairman of Ica

This investment will also release funds for further community energy projects. So as excitement in Glasgow builds towards COP 26, it is hoped this project inspires others to think globally and act locally through similar partnerships and local action.

Find out more about Glasgow Community Energy here

Our mission is to energise communities not only through providing clean energy locally but investing in the development of thriving neighbourhood projects for years to come. We are thrilled to have completed these first two sites and welcome our 170 new members.

Calum Watkins

Director, Glasgow Community Energy

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